Nothing beats the Flea Markets, so called Brocante in the French Riviera…so it was a dream come true when my BFF and Gypsy friend Marie asked if our family wanted to join them for a vacation in Saint-Tropez the first week of July…

The first morning we arrived we strolled around for hours at the Grimaud Flea Market, by far the biggest one I have ever seen.
The hunt was successful…. I was blown away. Amazing Silver bracelets, Tom Ford Sunglasses, silverware, table linens, you name it…we found it.

What was so inspiring to me were the older ladies still looking so fabulous, sipping their coffee, smoking a cig and selling their Vintage Chanels, Gucci Belts, Louis Vuitton travel bags…. the sight of that made me smile.

My Sloane Square bag was perfect to put all my finds in…vintage leather, not too big but large enough to shop till we dropped.

Oh how excited i am to use my brocante-finds in the US…they’re giving my kitchen and wardrobe a French soul.

Leaving to the Brocante early in the morning…

Looking for treasures at the Grimaud Brocante

Beautiful linen and antique silver galore

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