Impossible Marfa has become the Art Mecca of North America only thanks to Donald Judd arriving in the late '70.

After spending a week split between daylong hikes in the Big Bend mountains, surrounded by cactusses and no man in sight, and strolling around those tiny, desert towns, I am absolutely convinced the creative mind gets a deeper kind of inspiration when submersed by the endless beauty of nature.

We had heard about that tiny railroad town in the Chihuahuan desert of West Texas and its giant works of Art basking beneath the vast desert skies, but we didn't expect to experience so much creativity all in one place.

And I am not only talking about galleries and museums. Art is imprinted in everything you experience in this 2000 resident's town ; the authentic people, the innovative food trucks, the charming boutiques and the no-frills coffeeshops... even the dogs walking around Marfa exude a vibe as if they could paint a masterpiece.

Facts and places to go 


We flew into San Antonio and our first stop was the railroad town of Marathon. That is where I first got attracted by the outside of E.Dan Klepper's gallery, nothing makes me more curious than a bulls head hanging above the door. We started talking and I quickly realized how talented E.Dan was. He is a fine art photographer and writer. Author of '100 Classic Hikes in Texas' and 'Why the Raven Calls the Canyon' and got inspired by living and working on a 7000 acre Texas ranch for 7 years where he did all kinds of chores to keep the ranch in operation condition. He is also a frequent contributor to Texas Highways Magazine and his work has been exhibited in the United States and abroad. Definitely pay him a visit if you are passing through! His work is absolutely stunning!!!!



From Marathon we drove (and hiked ) in Big Bend National Park for and arrived in Marfa a few days later. 


Here are some of the best places to view incredible art in the city and its surroundings! 

 If you've made the pilgrimage to this far-flung art mecca, give yourself some time to check out the crown of Marfa's art scene!

Thanks to minimalist artist Donal Cuff who moved there in the early 1970s and left an imprint on the landscape. He established the Chinati Foundation, an art museum unlike any other, located on an old Army base. 

His vision inspired many people who moved to Marfa en established galleries, hotels, and other businesses in the decades that followed. 

2. Ballroom Marfa : 

The largest gallery in town, showcasing film, music and visual art by boundary-pushing artists from all around the world. The works exposed are so edgy, at first we did not get most of the work showcased at Ballroom Marfa. We started appreciating the collection once we got a clear explanation by the Ballroom Marfa guide. 

3. Wrong Marfa 

This was by far our favorite gallery. The name of the gallery got our attention and once we walked in we loved the collection of 'people and their prizes'. It was so fun to chat with the owner Buck. Such a fun place to take kids since they could pick up the stuffed animals, pose with them in front of the camera and be a part of the art. 

We met Buck's husband, Camp Bosworth at the Wrong Store who's work was such a revelation! We visited Bosworth's workshop next door and that was simply amazing.I am not an art-connaisseur but once you see Camp's sculptures you will agree they should be part of the interior of every Versace boutique in the world! His massive carved wood sculptures are inspired by the centuries-old Mexican traditions.

4. Last but not least : Prada Marfa : When art en fashion like to mingle 

This permanently installed sculpture by artists Elmgreen and Dragset is about 26 miles northwest of the city of Marfa. No the store is not open and there will never be anything for sale. This work is a "pop architectural land art project." Of course I dragged Nicolas and the kids to this PRADA store in the middle of the desert... and I am not the only one. Like any popular work of public art, Prada Marfa has become something of a cultural landmark in recent years. Beyonce passed through the town in 2012, and shared a picture on her of herself jumping in front of the sculpture. And in that way Prada Marfa evolved into a destination for more than just the art curious. 

 More places to go in Marfa and surroundings on my West Texas blogpost


What is your favorite artsy place in this beautiful world? Would love if you share in the comments below.









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