I suppose at some point in every little girl’s life, the idea of a Princess Birthday Party is bound to come into play.

While I much prefer planning parties with unique themes to planning “character” parties, the reality is this: My little girl Sophia holds our heart in her hands, and if she wants a Frozen party, a Frozen party she’ll get!

Before I knew it, we had dreamed up the perfect little celebration.

Sophia’s best girlfriends were invited to her Frozen birthday party and were welcome to dress in whatever princess character they love.
With the help of my creative daughter Nina-Marie, I decorated my home with blue balloons and Frozen decoration. The finishing touch absolutely came from D’lightful Bitez, who once again made us a gorgeous cake, cakepops and cupcakes, making the party picture almost complete…
As a surprise bonus for Sophia, I had invited the real Princess Elsa.
The kids were ecstatic when she joined the party. And so the party crew sang along Frozen songs all afternoon.
This will definitely be a party Sophia will NEVER forget!
Take a peek below to see how the fun unfolded, and how you can recreate the magic for your little one, too!

I love using the antique silver I bought at the the French Flea Markets any chance I get.

A few fresh flowers always add that extra touch…

D’lightful Bitez… best and fastest baker i know!

Little goodies i found at Target for the princesses to take home…

Princess Alert – oh how i love this age.

It was the brilliant idea of my little helper Nina-Marie, to put balloons on the trampoline. Score!

Sophia was beyond surprised when Princess “the real” Elsa from Peachtree Princess Parties arrived.

Elsa was amazing….

Let it go….

Sophia, Elsa and Piper…3 peas in a pod.



One happy little birthday girl.

Time to sing Happy Birthday and cut this yummy cake.


Mission Accomplished. Happy Princesses make for a happy mama…

What I wore

The frye company boots

H&M mens shirt

Satelliteparis earrings


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