As commonly known, last week was all about Thanksgiving in America. It's the perfect opportunity to say thanks and to reflect upon that which is most dear to us - family, friends, and delicious food.
When we first arrived here 10 years ago, we had mixed feelings about Thanksgiving. Even though we had so many things to be thankful for, we didn't have our close family and lifelong friends to share this day with. So for us, this day was quite lonely.
This all changed when we got invited by our close friends in Rocky Face to celebrate Thanksgiving with their family. That's where we were lucky enough to experience the first true Thanksgiving. Ever since, it's become a yearly tradition we've come to love.
As always, we started off with a big bonfire in the Georgia hills, where the scenery is so beautiful, one would  think they're in Patagonia. While some of us chose to catch up by the fire, the more adventurous had the possibility to work on their clay shooting skills... The appetizers, butternut squash soup and drinks made this gathering place perfect for a memorable start of the day!
When it cooled down we all got together inside
The long table was gorgeous, decorated with candles, little pumpkins and party treats. Thanksgiving spirit in full swing...
Once everyone was seated the most important and festive moment of the day arrived, "Saying Grace". While holding hands, we thanked God for our family, friends, the food, our amazing hosts Piet & Sabine who opened their house to everyone, ...
No thanksgiving without Turkey and dessert. On a day like this, you deserve every bit of the yummy cake, ice cream and macarons...
After dinner, out host Piet turned on the music and before we realized it we are all standing on our chairs... kids and all... singing our heart out on the tunes of "Land of hope and glory" and "Let it be". What an amazing feeling!
Now we understand why it is one of the most important Holidays of the year at this side of the Ocean... we are already looking forward to next year's celebration!
Here are some pictures of our Belgian-American Thanksgiving experience...
The bonfire in the middle of the beautiful Georgia hills...
Cuddles by the fire.
The ladies
Thanksgiving, a great excuse to play with the big toys.
Alice, the coolest girl I know, is practicing her clay shooting skills.
Cheers to the fun men in our life.
Turkey Time!
Moscow mules are part of the celebration.
Let's dance...on the tables!
Thankful for lifetime Memories!
What I wore :
Sweater : Mes Demoiselles
Leather pants : Zara
Cowboy boots : The Frye Company


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