Sanctuary Alchemy Large Matte Black Ceramic Bowl Candle


The act of grounding is a holistic therapeutic technique that involves reconnecting oneself to the earth.
Formulated to promote inner peace, the scent of our Ceramic Alchemy Candles echoes this practice, returning our surroundings and mind back to a state of harmony.
Its aroma of White Birch is smoothly tempered with Palo Santo. Under the heat of the flame, oils of Black Pepper unfurl from the wax, releasing their transcendent magic into your space. Our Alchemy candle is housed in a matte black/white ceramic vessel that has been locally handcrafted and can be easily washed and reused as a bowl for little munchies or as decoration. 

To enjoy:
* 180- 252 hours of burn time
* Trim the organic cotton wick to ¼’’ and burn for 2 hours at a time.


* Included: Candlewick trimmer made of high-quality stainless steel 

* Reusable ceramic bowl 

* Handmade Item
* Materials: Led Free Glazes, Soy Wax, Organic Cotton wick, Stoneware Clay
* Height: 2.5 inches

* Width: 8 inches

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