Ceramic 3-piece Set - Mahogany


Our gorgeous ceramics collection is designed in collaboration with Clean Modern Mayhem and hand-made by Maria Starr, a local artisan in a small village in Georgia. 

This set offers you 3 key pieces you need in your kitchen: a mug for your favorite hot drink, a bowl with spout and measurement table ideal to mix teas, sauces, or pancake mixes, and a deep plate to serve any meal. 

Made with durable, natural materials, this ceramics collection features a Mahogany tone glaze. 

  • Durable Glazed Stoneware 
  • Handmade by a local artisan, Maria Starr
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe 

With our Tulum collection, we want you to feel inspired by the authenticity and beauty of tribal cultures around the world.

Tulum isn’t just a place,
It is a vortex,
where the energy of the universe,
who shines its light upon us,
and the energy of our earth beneath,
who grounds us,
is strongly connected.

Our Tulum collection is created to bring that Vortex energy to your home. 


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