We’re in business to improve lives


Good Tidings has always stood for a better tomorrow. To us, that means no matter who you are or where you live, you feel both physically and mentally supported by your community. Every Good Tidings purchase enables us to invest in local non-profit organizations, who are working to create positive changes.


Growing up with a brother with autism, Silvia – Founder and Designer of Good Tidings - understands how difficult it can be for a person and the family. Therefore, Good Tidings is dedicated to give support to the community by giving back a significant portion of her proceeds to non-profit organizations. This is, and will always be, the reason why she started Good Tidings.


Because of the immense impact of Covid-19, we decided to shift gears and race against the clock to develop family masks to protect ourselves. By purchasing masks, you are not only providing critical support to those in need because of Covid-19, but you are also helping several small businesses and domestic artisans to get through this.
We are directing a substantial portion of the proceeds of our Mask to Feeding America and support frontline workers in need by donating masks.

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