Since I was a young girl, I have loved authentic beauty, and especially for the Native Americans. I used to daydream as I stared at their beautiful features, their headpieces, and I imagined myself living like them, riding wild horses in total harmony with nature. 
After finishing Law School and obtaining a Master's Degree in Fashion Management in Paris, I was lucky to find a job with a young fashion designer in Antwerp. The team worked together like a family and I was submerged in this Artsy world by organizing the Fashion shows in Paris. My dream to be surrounded by authentic beauty had become a reality!
Until I fell in love with Nicolas. Shortly after we met, his company offered to transfer him to the United States. We decided to embrace this new adventure and just one week after our wedding, I found myself in Iowa, with no job, no family, and no fashion... but we had each other, and the love for the American Lifestyle. 
I took my passion for fashion in my back pocket and quickly started collecting all kinds of unique Native American accessories that spoke to my soul.
That was September 2003. 
What started as an outlet for my passion grew into much more than just buying a few pieces. 
Boho style with my husband
After four years in the Midwest, many lifelong friendships, and a few kids later, we decided to move back to Belgium to get settled... 
That didn't last long.
Being a gypsy soul at heart with a new love for adventure, we moved back to the USA. This time Atlanta became our new home sweet home. 
Boho style with my family
Having three little kids kept me busy, but I still couldn't shake that fire I felt within. 
It was the moment my sister-in-law Isabelle asked me to start a lifestyle blog that my purpose became clear. Thanks to the support of many friends, and with the help of the internet and Social Media, Good Tidings spread organically. We had so much fun expressing ourselves, sharing tips and trips, and collaborating with inspiring people from all over the world. 
Isabelle decided to take a step back, but I will forever be thankful she opened up that door for me. 
At that moment, I had to make a decision: call it a success and close up the blog, or find a way to keep this business going. 
 I decided to keep going. 
 Turquoise jewelry - Good Tidings
The following year I continued to build Good Tidings, but decided to focus on my true passion. I started collecting vintage turquoise jewelry & created Southwestern style clutches and weekender bags. The idea to sell sustainable accessories was born as a reaction against the fast pace of the Prêt-à-Porter industry where clothes feel almost as disposable as a cup of Starbucks coffee.
Turquoise earrings