Passionate about life and authentic beauty, we want to free the Wanderlust in you. By creating one of a kind accessories, we take your style and outfit to a different dimension.  
We offer a unique collection of items handmade of exclusive and authentic materials in limited quantities.
We continuously reinvent ourselves by creating a small amount of pièces uniques that bring you sustainable fashion.
Our founder and designer, Silvia Saey, grew up with a passion for authentic beauty. At the age of 10, she learned to sew and designed her own clothes and accessories. After studying Fashion Management in Paris, she started working with a young fashion designer in Antwerp, Belgium. Although she absolutely loved to be submerged in such a creative world, Silvia moved away from her home country Belgium with her husband, and raised 3 beautiful kids.
Her family kept her very busy but it never held her from being creatively stimulated. She started to design unique accessories, inspired by her personal life and cultural travels.  
Family Good Tidings 
All the items Silvia makes, are very unique. She works with authentic fabrics, like Vintage Ralph Lauren wool or the most beautiful selection of durable leather, sourced in Georgia, U.S.
The combination of exclusive materials, her eye for detail and her unique way of styling, make every single piece a work of art.
A brand with a purpose, is what Silvia always envisioned. Growing up with a brother with autism, she completely understands how difficult it can be for a person and the family, and wants to give all her support to the community by giving back 10% of her profits to non-profit organizations.
This is, and will always be, the reason why she started Good Tidings.
Turquoise jewelry - Good Tidings