When the online store took off I immediately felt that giving back to the community was part of my mission.
Because of my own brother who has autism, I realised that families need all the help they can get when they have a child with autism. It doesn't only affect the child and the parents, but also the siblings. The earlier the diagnoses the more chances the case-specific therapies will find the keys to break the code that holds these sweet children hostage. You won't only drastically change the life of the child but you also improve the level of happiness of a whole family.
I began to connect with families in her area and got in touch with Stephanie Vail, founder of Emma's Emmbassadors. This non profit organisation helps local families in need who are dealing with autism. Stephanie's daughter, Emma June was diagnosed with Autism when she was just 2 years old. Her disease inspired her family and a group of friends to create a non profit organisation, Emma’s Emmbassadors was born!  Emma's Emmbassadors' goal is to bring localized awareness to this disease and, more importantly, raise funds to help support these children, their families and the schools where special classes of Autistic children take place. 
My amazing brother, Bruno. 
Alexia, Marc, Bruno & me in our earlier days.