Delicate Medallion Bangle

Our Dream 
Welcome to the powerful journey of our Sacred Collection created with truth, faith and love, in our magical universe. 
The story begins with a delicate Medallion from La Chapelle Miraculeuse in Paris, continues in Arizona with the healing turquoise mined in New Mexico… and ends in the spiritual town of San Miguel De Allende with the creation of nine Divine pieces of Jewelry. 
We hope that by wearing this Collection you will feel Fearless and will treat your time on Earth as Sacred. 


Our Delicate Medallion Bangle is composed of 

*A bracelet of delicate 22 k vermeil gold.

*1 medallion depicting the image of the Blessed Virgin.

“For those who wear the medallions with confidence there will be abundant graces.” 


*Bangle Diameter : 2.5” / 6.35 cm

*Material : 22 K Gold-Vermeil over Sterling Silver.

Vermeil Care

Our Vermeil Collection is created with 22k gold layered over Sterling Silver. To keep your Vermeil Jewelry at its absolute best limit exposure to water and clean by gently buffing it with a soft 100% cotton cloth. 

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