Multicolor Power Animal Necklace Short


We love the power animal Necklaces. The new short power animal necklace is totally unique, no two are the same. They are made from Heshe Beads and Carved Animals in Turquoise, Pipestone, Jet, Mother of Pearl, and Jasper. 

They protect you on your journey. We are blessed to have these artists work as they are so talented and so special to Good Tidings. They carve each animal out of special stones and the animals are totem animals with special meaning. Great worn with the eagle necklace or any of our cross necklaces.

The animals each represent a special meaning :

  • Eagle: seeing the bigger picture and representing freedom.
  • Wolf: pathfinder.
  • Coyote: laughter trickster, happiness.
  • Salmon: going with the flow.
  • Bear: strength, protection.


    • Native American Indian made.
    • Inches long. 

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