One of a Kind Squash Blossom Necklace


One of a Kind squash blossom necklace, handcrafted by Sheila Tso. Made of Sterling Silver, set with beautiful Carrico Lake turquoise.
This necklace is made of round silver beads strung with Carrico Lake on each side of it. In the same way, the naja (central pendant) is also entirely set of these turquoises.
For many moons, the Squash Blossom is one of the signature jewels of the Natives of the South West. The different tribes making this traditional piece, such as the Navajo, the Zuni or the Hopi, value it deeply. It is worn, forever and until now, by both men and women in rituals and festivities.


* This necklace is in sterling silver.
* Lenght: 16 inches
* Dimensions of the central pendant : 3” by 3”
* Weight : 0.5 lbs

Proudly handmade in USA by Sheila Tso.

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