Salida Gold and White Hoop Earrings


Gold-tone earrings with white translucent Geode druzy gems will remind you of the wild ocean with their color and glow. Like many things in nature, you’ll have to see them to truly appreciate their beauty. These stones modernize classic hoops. Perfect for wearing day and night.

Light weight.

Length : 3 inches.

Handmade in the USA.


*A stunning creation of the Mother Nature, Geodes hold the exceptional, unique energy that enhances the charisma of the soul and the overall strength of the body. Quartz, Amethyst as well as citrine are some of the crystals that come in the form of Geodes. The healing potential of the Geodes assists the soul to catch the impressions of life and understand the happenings of the surrounding world in order to make the correct decisions and take the life to the next level to attain opulence. It too helps to shape the future and enhance the communication skills to make a strong connection with the spirits of the cosmos. The potent vibes of the Geodes make it a great nugget for meditation and distressing. The energetic vibes of the nugget contemplated as a beautiful gem for families, thus since ages have been kept at homes as it brings harmony in relationships.

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