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Ready, set... and off we go!

For as long as I can remember going to Hawaii was on my bucket list. This group of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean has made me dream for a few decades. Actually it all started with the movie Point Break in 1991. Remember Keanu Reeves surfing the Hawaiian waves?

We finally made our way to paradise last week.

I was a litte afraid we were going to be disappointed. After all those years of dreaming, the expectations were high, very high.

But our family vacay turned out to be even better than expected. We made many unforgettable memories. Discovering the island of Maui was life changing.

Before heading to Hawaii, we had decided we would make this trip only once in our lifetime. There is so much to see and so little time! But in my heart I know we will go back. There is something in the air that is different, a certain energy that is impossible to describe. People who live in Hawaii are so connected to nature, it is very inspiring to say the least.

We have an overload of pictures from our trip that go hand in hand with 10 of my favorite things to do while in Maui.



This must be the best coffee I have ever had. While the rest of the family was still sleeping I enjoyed sipping my coffee on the balcony of our condo in Papakea. We booked this place with VRBO. Our stay was not only affordable, but we had the comfort of home and a magical view.



Superman had it right: Views from above rule. With this in mind, some of the most pretty views of Maui unfolded from the seats of this helicopter.

We booked our Heli tour with Blue Hawaiian. This amazing picture of the highest sea cliff in the world was taken with my Iphone 6 while flying over the island of Molokai.
Waterfalls galore and lush sceneries from the sky! Say WHAAAAT!
I still cannot believe we flew over the island of Molokai. As a child I learned about Father Damien. He was a 19th century Belgian priest who volunteered at 23 years old to go to the island, to console and care for the lepers. We saw with our own eyes how the lepers were cut off from the rest of the world by a huge cliff.


Every morning we took some time to let the kids discover the magic of underwater life in the Pacific Ocean. The snorkeling by Black Rock, near the Sheraton at the west end of Kaanapali Beach, is amazing. There, you'll come face-to-face with everything from colorful fish and moray eels to sea turtles.


The pacific whale foundation took us to the island of Monokili to swim with the sea turtles.

Molokini is a partially-submerged volcanic crater, creating a picturesque crescent-shaped atoll off the Maui coast.


The road to Hana might be the windiest road in America, but the 50-mile stretch between Kahului and Hana is worth the drive.

We went halfway and had the time of our life jumping off the waterfalls and hiking in the rainforest



The view from the top of Haleakala, the shield volcano that represents Maui's tallest point, is downright breathtaking.

Most hikers take in the spectacle from the Haleakala National Park visitors center, a structure that sits 9,740 feet above sea level.



From Lahaina Harbor, we were shuttled by boat to submarine Atlantis just off the coast of Maui.

We explored the world beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean. Just off the coast of Maui a Submarine descends to more than 120 feet (40 m). A come face-to-face with some of Hawaii's most amazing marine life.




The prices on the menu of Mama's fishhouse are through the roof, but well worth it for an unforgettable experience. It's a must when visiting Maui.

After an early dinner at Mama's Fishhouse we played on the rocks in front of the restaurant till sunset.



Trilogy sunset cruise provides the most romantic way to experience the beauty of a Maui sunset.

My favorite view, father and son relaxing on deck.



Paia is Maui's secret crown jewel with inspiration in every little corner.

Cafe des amis in Paia is a must-visit. Such a laid- back atmosphere. Pina colada and salty crepes never tasted better.

The Aloha Bead company is a wonderful place!! Ms. Klopping is so very nice and patient with the kids who made their own necklaces with local beads.

We received the gift of a full rainbow on our last night in Paia.



Ho'okipa Beach is a spacious park and surfing spot filled with a white sand beach, picnic areas, pavilions and if you are lucky a seal might come lay on the sand to wish you goodnight.

Wherever you are in life

I hope our pictures inspired you.

Have a great start of the week,

Silvia xoxo

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