We all love those perfect, blissful moments in the middle of summer. The sun is shining, friends and family are gathered, and laughter is in the air. When we were vacationing in Belgium last month we had one of these magical days.

The reason to celebrate was Alice, Nina-Marie & Sophia’s communion.

What we quickly realized is this. Even with the perfect setting, food and decoration,the more fun you have as a hostess, the more at ease your guests are. It’s true what they say, joy and positive energy is contagious!

So we let go of stress and enjoyed ourselves and the loved ones around us while taking it all in.

Memories we will cherish forever.

My sister and I hosted this party together and had been talking for a few months about how to create a fun, relaxed atmosphere. We both work best last minute and didn’t stress one bit.

We let our ideas flow and both came up with some personal details : the picture cards, candles and of course little treats for the kids.

We reserved a coffee truck which was an amazing success.

A personalized coffee with my name written in chocolate syrup, yes please.

The adults weren’t the only ones loving this food truck. Once coffee time was over, the kids worked hard on serving us drinks! Perfect waiters in the making!

My sister, I could go on and on about what a beautiful person she is but this subject is too big for words or my heart right now. All I will say is that she is a go-getter and that without her, this party would not have happened.

We picked our favorite flowers all around the garden and filled every vase we found.

Our goal was to have our guests leave feeling full of life. Hopefully the people around us felt the love.

The girls’ special day started in the humble Chapel in the woods. This place has been nurturing the family’s spiritual milestones for decades. All six of the grandkids have been baptized here.

We continued the celebration at our favorite place on earth,  the home we grew up in. These photos, this place are as familiar to me as my own skin.


The two mascots of the party, inseparable all day long.

It wasn’t their communion but the ‘brothers’ still stole the show.

No party is complete without a cake. Sophia chopped the head of the ice lamb.

Bringing some US culture to Belgium. Smore’s for everyone! Our version was made with Cote d’or chocolate and Petit Beurre cookies.


Lush greenery, colourful decorations, a yummy walking dinner and lots of sweet children made for an unforgettable day.


Special thanks to :

Mottrie & Co for the delicious food and perfect service.

Koffiequeen for showing us how the passion for vintage and coffee can change the atmosphere of a whole party.

Avanco for entertaining our kiddos with campfires and paintballadventures in the woods.

What we were wearing :

The girls were wearing abercrombiekids dresses with Zara sandals and I was feeling so comfortable in my whimsical luxe lace dress from spellandthegypsy with Chloe purse, Anne Zellien necklace and vintage turquoise earrings and cuff.


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