Two days of crazy in Los Angeles, visiting Hollywood, strolling around busy shopping streets and eating out at not-so-kid-friendly restaurants led to only one conclusion. On our last day in California we needed to get out of the big smoke where the kids could run, feel the sand under their feet and explore the Pacific Ocean to their heart’s content. So we packed up our suitcases from our hotel in Beverly Hills and headed to where we knew it would feel free.

Early morning view of Los Angeles from the rooftop pool at SLS hotel Beverly Hills.

Impossible to hit the road with an empty stomach, we left our hotel at dusk and went for brunch at The Sycamore kitchen. Brioche French toast with glazed strawberries, Cured Salmon tartine with avocado and last but not least an Almond Cappuccino hit the spot.

The Sycamore kitchen, probably one of the yummiest brunch places in LA.

Also in La Brea Avenue, we passed by What goes around comes around where I picked up some vintage Levis cutoffs. We started talking to Monica, the store manager and she recommended us to go to Paradise cove in Malibu.

‘What goes around comes around’ is a luxury vintage shop in La Brea Avenue in LA. It also has a location in NYC.

I was so happy to finally find a great pair of Levi’s cutoffs.

Malibu to me is one of those places you think you’ve been before. Books, films and TVseries had created a world in my mind that I had been visiting for years. Needless to say I was excited to finally have my own experience in a place that I had romanced in my dreams.

Paradise Cove in Malibu, where we spent our last day together in California.


Once we arrived at Paradise Cove it was all of this and more. The children barefoot now deliriously happy to run on the beach, our girls dancing along the shore and playing with seashells.

Salty hair don’t care.

It was if we had been transported to an alternative world, and this was so our world. The romantic pull of the beach side restaurant is as strong as the tides and cliffs that surround it. We later found out The Beach Cafe is the only restaurant in Malibu right on the sand with its own private beach & cove. We enjoyed talking to some locals as well as travelers from Norway while eating fresh crispy calamari, feet in the sand.

Endless cliffs along the shoreline at Paradise Cove.


Great times playing on the beach with Anthony.

Being back at home in Georgia now,  I hope the children will have some memory of this day, experiencing the world with complete happiness and freedom.
Kids with happy souls. What more can one ask for.
Thankful for this day.

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