Roadtrip along the East Coast of Australia.

I don't even know where to start when writing about my Australia adventure but there is one thing I have learned the most : don't wait to visit this continent until your timing or your finances are all aligned.
Make it a priority and buy a ticket, because even if you only have ten days, it will change the way you look at life, at the world.
I would have used excuses if it weren't for my soul sister Tammie who basically gave me no choice to overthink by offering me a ticket.
Yes I am lucky.
I decided to take this chance for my OWN SOUL GROWTH. Is that even allowed to write down without feeling guilty? We all know how hard it is as a mother to leave our tribe behind and escape on a bucketlist adventure. Now that I am back home I realise more than ever how much I needed that trip.
Yes we are committed in a relationship and have responsibilities but taking a step back and getting inspired makes you actually jump 100 miles forward. 10 days, I challenge you... do it. Your kids won't starve and won't be traumatized and NOPE, your hubby won't leave you. I am thankful forever my man let me go to fully explore what I needed to learn down under. 
You have to feel with your own heart how amazingly laid back the Aussies are. It almost feels as if they have not been threatened by wars in former generations, as if they haven't had to learn how to defend themselves to stay safe. Their hearts are wide open!
We only had 10 days to explore and did not plan a single thing. We allowed the universe to guide us and pure magic unfolded. 
We wouldn't have "enjoyed" the vibe of the Aussies so much if we would have been hustling in all directions trying to see it all, so we focused on the areas we were organically led to : Sydney and Byron Bay. 
The best way to share my adventure in Australia is by sharing my pictures. Don't forget to CLICK ON THE LINKS ABOVE THE PICTURES if you want more information.
Let’s dive in!!!! 

Australia’s most iconic city is a must see! Sydney is blessed with a stunning harbor, inspiring little towns surrounding it and beaches that make it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Give a shot at surfing on famous Bondi Beach, hang out by the Bondi Icebergs Pool or explore the beautiful harbor and nature by taking the spectacular walk from Bondi to Tamarama. 
 A pleasant enough coastal town worth a lunch stop or overnight rest with the most inspiring health store / yoga studio. Say hi to Melanie from us.
Byroon Bay is one of the most popular stops on Australia’s east coast with it’s amazing sunsets and surf, beach lifestyle and cool, bohemian, alternative vibe.
Walk along Cape Byron to the Byron Bay Lighthouse on Australia's most easterly point, enjoy the beaches, try surfing, take a yoga class or indulge in the best food and boho shopping. Check out the towns around Byron Bay with many excellent eateries, magical forests and don't forget to make time to visit the Crystal Castle if you have a chance. 
Perfect stop on the way back from Byron Bay to Sydney, located between Yamba and Coffs Harbour, Yuraygir National park is perfect for a coastal walk in the midst of the Kangaroos. During the migration season
 (between May and November) you also have a big chance to see whales! Yuraygir National Park boasts the state's longest stretch of undeveloped coastline. It is a place to experience, not just see. 
Shoot me an email if you need inspiration, more details about this trip or if you need a little push in your rear to go on your dream vacay. 
Thank you Spell & The Gypsy Collective for our wanderlust outfits.
Thank you Arcadia House Byron Bay for hosting us in your gorgeous home away from home. 
Thank you Creature Yoga for the most amazing zen moments. 
Thank you far and foremost Tammie & Jeff Dalrymple for making dreams come true and for coordinating our travels.
With Love & Gratitude, 

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