How I Overcame the Blockage That Gave Her the Push to Start Her Own Company

Silvia Saey Founder & Owner of Good Tidings Shares How She Overcame the Blockage That Gave Her the Push to Start Her Own Company

CityBox: Hi Silvia, I was really looking forward to asking you this question and excited to see your respond. As a female leader, what has been the most significant barrier in your career and how did you overcome that? 

Silvia: The hardest barrier for me has been to feel worthy enough to start my own business. I knew I had a talent, but I felt mental blockages when even just thinking about taking the necessary steps to start my own brand. I overcame my final blockage and stepped into my purpose while attending a seminar by Tony Robbins in New York during the summer of 2017. Within those 4 days I managed to remove all blockages. I left the conference with a clear vision, with an urge to live the rest of my life fulfilling my purpose. 

CityBox: What fuels your drive?

Silvia: What comes to my mind first is travel. Exploring new cultures, countries, meeting new people inspires my soul the fastest. The last year all of that was taken away and that is when I realized that looking within and finding stillness, being in nature, reading spiritual books, meditating, fuels my fire in a different way.

CityBox: What exciting project are you working on & what is it about? 

Silvia: At this moment we are working on the launch of our southwest style ponchos. We want to add a luxurious but practical accessory to our collection that can be used as a shawl, a lightweight jacket, or a blanket in your home. We are also working on the launch of a new candle. Since we create the scents with our local artisans our scents are exclusive to Good Tidings. 

CityBox: What’s been your most successful approach in building business relationships & why? 

Silvia: My business relationships have all been built on mutual trust and understanding. We work with only women and all have our personal emotions, so our relationship is never strictly business. All partners are involved in the whole process. Our philosophy is win-win. We only rise when we all grow together. 

CityBox: What are the lessons you’ve gained that have profoundly shifted your professional path? 

Silvia: Invest in good people. If you want to grow your business, you need the advice of experts. I hesitated to invest in a consultant, but once I took that step it brought my business to another level. We all have our talents. My mind is creative, so I needed help to structure my dreams into a vision that is now sent to me on slides with timelines. We schedule a weekly meeting and that keeps me on a steady path to growth. 

CityBox: What is one thing you know now about women and work you wish you had known earlier in your career. 

Silvia: I now know women are perfectly capable to combine a family with a career. It might take some organizing skills and you might need to outsource a few chores, but I believe more than ever, women have a need for identity, that desire to contribute and be independent. I see so much talent in women that is not fully expressed in my opinion, this is because we are still raised with the idea that raising our children is fully our responsibility. I am hoping my own two girls will find the balance of raising a family and growing in their own purpose.

CityBox: Getting personal here, but I am curious, what are your favorite spots to frequent for business connections in Atlanta/Nationally and why? 

Silvia: I have had a few events at Chai Yo in Atlanta and love the mix of creativity and business. The décor, the crowd and food exude success. For a more casual gathering I like the outdoor patio of Gypsy kitchen overlooking the skyline of Atlanta. Seeing the building of SPANX while having a cocktail with a fellow boss babe always reminds me ANYTHING is possible. We just have to believe and go for our wild dreams with passion. 

CityBox:  What do you do for fun? 

Silvia: Traveling overseas to visit my home country is my way of rewarding myself, wake surfing with my family during the summer, exploring new areas locally or in the world, working out hard and entertaining at home for friends and family. I love people, I love new places, I love to move, I love food and I love a glass of champagne or a perfect margarita. I strongly believe in working hard to play harder.

CityBox:   What legacy do you want to leave behind? 

Silvia: I’d like to be remembered for my courage, my kindness and for my talent of creating beauty everywhere I go, but most of all for seeing the beauty and endless possibilities in every person who crosses my path. 

CityBox: What is next for you? 

Silvia: I have no set plans, but I am open to whatever life brings on my path that aligns with my soul. My dream, my goal for 2021 is to expand from love, to interact with my husband from a place of love, to motivate and inspire my children, my friends from a place of love, to grow a business where all products are locally created with love and where business partners are treated with love and respect.

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